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(Spanish; 1985-current)

Since its inception in 1985, the Revista de Psicoanálisis of the Madrid Psychoanalytic Association (APM) aims to be a space for lively and dialogous expression, for encountering and respecting the plurality of psychoanalytic thought, and which promotes scientific discussion in the Madrid Psychoanalytic Association. The Revista de Psicoanálisis receives contributions from members of the APM and also from authors who are members of other national and international psychoanalytic societies. It publishes three monographic issues a year (June, September, and October).

Santiago Sánchez-Palencia Ramos

Ariel Liberman

Editorial Board
Idoia Agirre Lasarte
Pablo Aizpurua Garbayo
Agustín Béjar Trancón
Agustín Genovés Candioti
Nazaret Grijalba Mazo
Teresa Marcilla Gutiérrez
Demian Ruvinsky Goldvaser
Ana Sánchez Cuadra
María Luisa Vidania Delgado

PUBLISHED BY Asociación Psicoanalítica de Madrid

ISSN: 1135-3171