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(English; 2016-current)

The Journal of Psychological Therapies (formerly the Journal of Psychotherapy and Counselling Psychology Reflections) is sponsored by the School of Psychotherapy, Regent’s University, London. It is an international peer-reviewed journal, underpinned by the aspiration for a non-doctrinaire, pluralistic attitude to psychotherapy and counselling psychology. A forum for open debate, the journal includes articles representing different traditions, epistemological positions and theoretical modalities enabling the development of a more open, reflective thinking to philosophy, theory and practice of psychotherapy and counselling psychology. The Journal of Psychological Therapies encourages critical, broad and experimental interpositions in discussions, tending to transcend methodological and metatheoretical divisions.

Maria Luca

Managing Editor
Helen Cowie

Book Reviews and Series Editor
Jane Wynn Owen

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Shirley Paul

PUBLISHED BY Firing the Mind

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