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(English; 1932-current)

The oldest free-standing psychoanalytic journal in North America, The Psychoanalytic Quarterly is published every January, April, July, and October. Each issue contains from six to eight original articles, a section of in-depth book reviews and book review essays. In addition, special issues of the Quarterly are devoted to the exploration of key issues in psychoanalysis, encompassing both contemporary subjects and enduring themes that merit rethinking from a variety of viewpoints.  

An independent journal with a strong clinical focus, the Quarterly is not wedded to any one school of psychoanalytic thought. Its editorial goals are to encourage and publish the most rigorous original papers from North America and around the world, representing all contemporary psychoanalytic perspectives on the theories, practices, research endeavors, and applications of adult and child psychoanalysis. 

Lucy LaFarge

Associate Editors
Daria Colombo 
Steven H. Goldberg 
Wendy W. Katz 
Jane Tillman

Emeritus Editors/Board of Directors
Jay Greenberg

PUBLISHED BY Taylor & Francis