Psychoanalytische Bewegung
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(German; 1929-1933)

The full text of this journal is available up to 1933 for all PEP Archive subscribers.

The review Die Psychoanalytische Bewegung ("The Psychoanalytic Movement") was first published in 1929 as one of the publications of the Internationaler Psychoanalytischer Verlag. As its title suggests, this periodical was intended to open the frontiers of the institutionally contained psychoanalytic world to a broader non-specialist public. As a link between the science of psychoanalysis and a public with an interest in the literature, this periodical saw itself as a forum for somewhat unorthodox propositions and ideas. In addition to contributions from applied psychoanalysis, the review also brought together reviews of contemporary literature in the domain, as well as short literary or scientific works dating from an earlier period and considered to be precursors of psychoanalysis.

Eduard Hitschmann

Founding Editor
Adolf J. Storfer 

PUBLISHED BY Internationaler Psychoanalytischer Verlag