Revista de Psicoanálisis (REVAPA)
Available Volumes

(Spanish; 1943-1970)

The full text of this journal is available up to 1970 for all PEP Archive subscribers.

The objectives of the Revista de Psicoanálisis of the Argentine Psychoanalytic Association are to disseminate psychoanalysis, favor its scientific development, research in the areas of psychoanalytic practice and theory, as well as to publicize the contributions of psychoanalysis to health and culture. The journal publishes original and unpublished articles and works that contain experimental, theoretical, critical and methodological research, both quantitative and qualitative, related to the clinic, theory or history of psychoanalysis. Also works of special interest, those previously published in other journals, at symposiums or congresses. Extensions of psychoanalysis to other fields and multidisciplinary contributions that could enrich psychoanalysis are also included.

Founding Editor
Arnaldo Rascovsky

PUBLISHED BY Asociación Psicoanalítica Argentina

ISSN: 0034-8740